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Journey's End

Wipe the effort from your eyes,
Pause and stand you there awhile,
Reflect on flowers passed too quick
Along the way of many miles.

Behold the long road walked upon,
And worry not on its short length,
But smile for all the journey's friends
From whom you've borrowed living strength.

And dance awhile in the Sun,
And gaze awhile on stars at night,
And savor every moonward glance
That you can steal before dawn's light.

And gleam the emerald hills at dawn,
And shine the azure skies of morn,
Believe in all the thing's you've done
From ever since the dawn you're born.

For when the Sun is high again,
For when the blaze of day is strong,
You dally not in summer's fields,
And must let go the springtime songs.

Take one more step in autumn's shade,
Believe no more in winter's snow,
To here you've walked the long long road,
From here you'll fly where you will go.

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