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DarkClaw: It Was You
Sun Aug 24 14:44:06 2003
To: all
Ages ago, I would've never thought
to go after all these things I have sought.
I was one to live for the fun in each day,
not wanting to think how the future could sway.
I dared not go forward for fear of the fall.
How, in the Gods' name, did I achieve this all?

It was you that lead me down this long, hard path.
It was you who gave me the strength that I have.
It was you who walked beside me each step of the way.
And, to all of you, I give thanks this day.

You've helped me to grow and learn so much more,
and taught me to see what is worth fighting for.
I know not how to say all that I need.
I only know that, because of you, I succeed.
Your support is with me in everything that I do.
Each day I am thankful for friends old and new.

It was you who gave me the courage I need.
It was you who helped me stand on my feet.
It was you that saw me through this all.
And, when it is you in need, I pray that you'll call.

(Dedicated to all of my family and friends in the realm.)

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