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(located at port 4000)

An Unlikely Apprentice: Into Fire

Within the tome Kaern had me taught
The charms of water and of rock,
Of lightning and the way of ice,
And ways to bypass a mortal lock.

Learned I well to walk in stealth
Shrouded by a veil of spells,
And on the ocean vast and blue
Learned I to breathe beneath the swells.

Young wisdom leads to arrogance;
And delved I deep into the lore..
Until dark arts I sought to gain
And Kaern disdained to teach me more.

He led me out onto the seas
Said he, "No harm will come to you."
Then left me there a smirk goodbye
As the dragon turtle ate Khore stew...

But as a poet once had spoke:
The way leads further onto way,
And as I swam back to the shore
A stranger there had this to say,

"I've watched the folly of your youth,
But seen the talent of your voice,
So follow me, or say no once,
And that will be your final choice."

A red tinge quite surrounded him,
He played with fire in his hand.
I reached up and begged his help,
And Pyros helped me up to stand.

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