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HarKlan: Neutral

Thu Jun 26 11:12:11 2003
To: all

One thing I think a number of people are missing is the fact that a neutral's focus is often going to be BALANCE. Balance of good and evil, balance of power, balance of wealth, etc. This balance focus may be solely within their own following, or
it may extend to various areas of the realm. To this end, in a world with lots of blues and very few reds, a neutral following would be very justified, and completely within the bounds of neutrality to ally only with reds and attack only blues. In the reverse situation, the reverse is also then true.
From that perspective, the Chosen of Fate are neutral because they strive to preserve balance within their following, they ally with as many blues as reds (most of the time), and treat all aura's equally (as far as I've seen, I've never worn an aura myself, so my perception may be somewhat off).
The Defenders of the Sun, I know very little of so I cannot comment on them.
And the Rose are also very neutral, because they strive for balance within the realm. It has already been stated that the reds seriously outweigh the blues, so their throwing in their lot with blues and attacking reds is consistant with their desire for balance. They treat blues with the same rules with which they treat reds, in that whosoever attacks them renders their following fair game.
Alignment is based on the D&D concept of alignment, and it looks to me like most players here (or at least, most of the consistantly vocal ones) have lost sight of that, and are currently defining the alignments as how-that-alignment-has-been-played-before. Thus the neutral alignment has become permanantly intertwined with sentry, because neutral sentry has been all the neutral there's been for so long.
That's why Rose is being called Red when they're really quite neutral, and FoLK has been called neutral when there's in truth
nothing very neutral about them.
HarKlan, Inquisitive Half-Elf Maiden

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