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Introduction gone awry

Morning magic gathers like mist
invading her vestal image as she
inhales the nectar of mana.

The ritual unfolds as I peer
through the haze the taste of my own
spell lingers in my mind.

A coven of pixies, their magic blinking
like a thousand fireflies, drape a silver
cloak upon her shoulders.

A red streak of lightning flashes
through her eyes as a soft sigh escapes her lips
and blood dribbles down her chin.

She catches the serum with her finger and smears
it into her mouth, the bitter poison blinds her
as if I never existed.

The cloak wavers behind her like a snowstorm
as she fades into the forest and
is lost to my sight.

The blizzard enthralls my thoughts and Iím
left to wonder if I had announced my presence
would she had noticed.


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