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Sat Nov 1 16:20:31 2003
To: all
Golem Wars IV -- Quest Announcement

Teams must be formed by 11/8/2003 23:59:59 Mud Time.

At that time, the team may consist of players totalling no more than 147
effective levels.

You may create 147 level 1 newbies, or have three level 49s, or any
combination that would total less than 147.

Each following, if they desire, can designate one OFFICIAL following. The
OFFICIAL following is the only one eligible for an FLI mana item to be
announced later.

This item WILL be awarded even if an OFFICIAL following does not win the
tournament. The OFFICIAL following which makes survives longest will be
awarded the prize. In the event of a tie, fun and games will determine the

Further details and rules will be announced on 11/12/2003.

To submit your team, have the CAPTAIN of the team log into the forums and
post to the GOLEM WARS IV TEAM thread. Details will be available on the


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