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The Delights of Ginny


Bashur gossips (in common), 'GINNY!'.
Cupid gossips (in common), '*bow* Lady Bliss :)'.
Ginny gossips, 'WHERE?'.
Bliss gossips, 'Greetings :)'.
Bashur gossips (in common), 'hehe'.
Slue gossips, '..who? wha?? where?????'.
Carrie gossips (in common), 'GAH!!! she is vis'.
Ginny gossips, 'Who is?'.
Jacek gossips (in common), 'My old friend...hello.'.
Cupid gossips (in common), 'a train....THERE IS A GOD!!!!....wait....GODDESSES!!!!'.
Triston cants, 'but why?'.
Ginny cants, 'why?'.
Triston gossips (in common), 'majere is a goddess?'.
Triston cants, 'abe asked me to dispel slue...what has he done?'.
Bashur gossips (in common), 'deep down inside he is'.
Cupid gossips (in common), 'no...but there are 4 goddesses on, I thought I should recognize it'.
Ginny gossips, 'Oh it must be ladies night'.
Triston gossips (in common), '50 gold cover for guys?'.
Cupid gossips (in common), '5 Goddesses :)'.
Cupid gossips (in common), 'er 4'.
Cupid gossips (in common), 'sorry Myron....'.
Cupid gossips (in common), ':(....I was all excited there for a sec'.
Ginny gossips, 'Cupid has been abusing the arrows it seems'.
Triston gossips (in common), 'they should all take me, tie me up...and....grin....I'm a treat for any and all goddesses'.
Ginny gossips, 'I didn't realize you gave yourself so easily Triston'.
Triston gossips (in common), 'well I was in a slump...and what could be wrong given to four beautiful goddesses?'.
Ginny gossips, 'the more quickly you give yourself...the less valuable you are'.
Triston gossips (in common), '*edits himself* *sighs* taste of better quality is what I seek lady Ginny :)'.
Abe gossips (in common), 'I think Tris needs some 'special' alter time with Ginny.'.
Ginny gossips, 'but alas i have no altar'.
Abe gossips (in common), 'psh'.
Ginny gossips, 'and all my toys seem to have bags are empty'.
Ginny gossips, 'what fun would it be if i could not make him scream deliciously'.
Triston gossips (in common), 'Pain brings about instruction of what is to come....and very...stimulating *grin*'.
Ginny gossips, '*grin* and much much more'.
Triston gossips (in common), 'I think these mortals today are repressed....With you and Darkmoon no longer serving the realm with regularity they have grown soft.'.

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