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Tynian: Anduin, Teluin, Gala deleted
Tue Apr 8 22:45:43 2003
To: all
The Anduin, Teluin, and Gala characters have been deleted for breaking
TFC rules. Specifically:

FYI: Nayr: Accusations of Cheating
FYI: Khore: Accusations of Cheating

An aggravating factor was his attempt to conceal his identity by
creating an "anonymous" user for his "smear" post on the TFC forums,
which speaks clearly to him knowing that HE was the one violating the
rules. There was also an incident and investigation two months ago, when
Anduin publicly accused a player of cheating, a charge that was without

The player of Anduin, Teluin, and Gala is welcome to start a new
character and play at TFC, so long as he can follow the rules and
policies that we have set forth. If he is unable to do so, I don't want
him here.


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