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An Unlikely Apprentice: Finding Khore

Summon forth a ball of light,
Fill young hearts with young delight,
Slay the dragon in his lair,
These I've done with magic's might...

She wanders close to me these days.
Worry in her eyes oft plays.
Syla comforts, Syla smiles,
Yet wonders if her mage will stay.

I would her worries lay to rest;
Indeed, I've tried my level best,
But something nags and something strains,
And pulls me towards an unknown test.

Into a wood that's full of Fear,
And yet there's only silence near.
Where I walk, they flee and hide
But from the dark I see their leers.

And then their eyes give way to black,
I note my breath, or more, their lack...
And something strains and something nags,
That something hunts me at my back...

The town is shattered, cold, and still.
But strong within beats ancient will,
And on the howl of the wind
Alights the ghosts of recent kill.

I feel the tremors of the ground,
I know this place where I am bound:
Sanguinna is my ancient home...
And Khore at last here have I found.

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