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Eliste also held a dance contest, and the winners were Sabella with first place, Okk with second, and Bevier & Darkfang with third. Here are the (edited) dances they performed.

Sabella's dance:

Nail says (in common), 'Naked twister!'.

Sabella sits down and thinks deeply.

Sabella stops using a chocolate heart.
Sabella stops using an elven chain shirt.
Sabella stops using a menacing machete.
Sabella stops using a quilted cloth belt.
Sabella stops using the simple pyrite bracelet.
Sabella stops using a pair of animal hide shoes.
Sabella stops using the delicate agate amulet.
Sabella stops using a pair of animal hide pants.
Sabella stops using a pair of padded cloth formal gloves.
Sabella stops using the fractal adamantite ring.
Sabella stops using the chromatic tourmaline ring.
Sabella stops using the plain silver bracelet.
Sabella stops using a pair of reinforced leather sleeves.
Sabella stops using a leather cap.
Sabella stops using a war banner.

Sabella says (in common), 'Okay.'.

Sabella says (in common), 'I'm game.'.

Nail says (in common), 'Me too'.

Wolfwood laughs.

Nail points at himself.

Wolfwood says (in common), 'Well...i guess we need to keep this party going'.
Bevier looks at Sabella.

Sabella sits down and thinks deeply.

Sabella says (in common), 'well, i haven't anything pretty to wear or anything...'.

Wolfwood says (in common), 'You are gorgeous enough Sabella. Anything else is just 
mild decoration.'.

Nail laughs at himself.  Let's all join in!!!

Nail says (in common), 'I see no woman but Eliste'.

Nail says (in common), 'and the naked girl, over there.'.

Nail points at Sabella accusingly.

Sabella giggles.

Oook grins toothily.

Fobro laughs.
Eliste giggles.

Sabella gives Oook a very naked hug.

Okk gasps in astonishment.

Oook snickers softly.

Someone gives a thong to Sabella.

Okk says, 'NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!'.

Sabella says (in common), 'Oook... gimme a beat?'.

Oook starts playing a slow tribal rhythm.

Sabella looks at Sabella.

Grimace animates a puffball mushroom and a shrimp and they begin to dance around 
the floor.

Sabella throws a smile at Oook and the drumbbeat he provides.

Sabella begins swaying slightly, her hips moving in a slow figure-eight.

Sabella allows the figure eight movement of her hips to sway slightly, turning 
it into a wicked rocking motion.

Sabella's arms sway upward of their own accord, smoothly moving in sensual, fluid 

Sabella sways into a full body shimmy, her .. assets... vibrating gently in time 
to the drumbeat.

Sabella speeds up the movement of her knees and hips, allowing her full body to 
shimmy to the beat.

Sabella closes her eyes, but reaches up with one hand to unpin her hair.
Sabella's hair cascades down her back to fall to just above her curved derrierre.
Sabella shimmies her shoulders in a playful fashion, tossing you a teasing glance 
through half-open eyes.

Oook draws a bead rattle from a blood bat hide bag and adds its sound to the drum 

Oook plays: DOOM sheka sheka sheka DOOM sheka shek.

Sabella bends backwards, knees slightly bent, her body arching like a bow.
Sabella's shoulders and hips follow the drum's rhythem.

Grimace starts moving with the beat of Oook's music.

Oook plays: doom DOOM skeka sheka doom DOOM sheka shek.

Okk pulls out a large drum and adds a soft drumbeat to the background.

Sabella moves with a primitive sensuality, her ripe form enticing.
Sabella opens her arms wide, as if to invite a hidden partner. her lips part, 
her pink tongue flicking out to moisten them.

Sabella closes her eyes once more, abandoning herself to the driving drumbeat.

Sabella rocks her hips in a sequence of figure eight movements that slide from 
the vertical plane to the horizonta.

Sabella curves her hips, belly, chest... all swaying in an undulation of sexual 

Tifus says (in common), 'bu dum bu um bu dum bu dum'.

Oook slides his hands over the drumhead with a hiss, then: DOOM! sheka sheka sheka 
DOOM sheka shek.

Sabella drives her hips upward and downward, each side rising and falling with 
each DOOM! of the drum.
Oook drums faster, the pound of the drum filling the room: DOOM DOOM sheka SHEK!  
Sabella begins to twirl, allowing the movement to cause her hair to flow out around 

Oook brings the drumming to a peak, then ends with three loud beats: DOOM DOOM DOOM!
Sabella drops to the ground in a perfect split as the song ends.

Okk's dance:
Okk says, 'Oook, could you give me a 4/4/1 rain dance beat and then taper off?'.

Okk takes the center stage.

Oook says (in common), 'You got it'.

A tiny spotlight shines down on Okk.

Oook brings out his rainstick.

Oook starts to drum.

Okk closes his eyes.

Oook spikes the beats, then quiets them.

The image of Okk melts away, revealing the barely visible translucent haze that is 
the Guardian Spirit.

Nakka's formless spirit glows with two brilliant green eyes that shift about the 

Nakka darkens and roils, and the air turns cold.

Nakka's formless spirit transforms into an exciting thundercloud!

Lightning flashes and thunder resounds, leaving you slightly stunned and your heart 
beating wildly.

The thundercloud thins and lightens into a peaceful white mist that spreads through 
the room.

A warm breeze plays on your hair.

A warm breeze plays on your hair.

Nakka's formless spirit flows and dances about the room, twisting and curving and 
darting all around.

Nakka turns a brilliant yellow and quickly spirals about the room, leaving golden 
sparkles on everything.

Nakka splits off into several different colored streams of energy: red, blue, yellow, 

Each stream takes off like a shooting star, flying about the room.

The streams twirl and circle around each other, making an impressive and colorful 
light show.

Finally, the colors stack and spread from one end of the room to the other, forming 
a beautiful rainbow.

A tiny spark breaks off from the rainbow.

The spark dances and crackles and grows into a large golden sun.

The sun passes over the rainbow and then disappears over an imaginary horizon.

The rainbow curls up, then disappears into the ceiling.


A beautiful crystal-clear fountain shoots up out of the ground.

The fountain splits and becomes two bands of energy, one blue and one green.

The blue and green streams twist and unite, splashing delicate sparks about the 

The energy spins and forms a beautiful, flowing sphere above your head, softly 

The sphere stops in midair, then plummets toward the floor.

Nakka dips into the ground as a diver piercing a pool of water.

You look about the floor, wondering where he went...

You look about the floor, wondering where he went...

Something moves beneath the ground...

A single, tiny rose springs up from the ground before you, spreading its soft red 
petals and glistening with fresh morning dew.

The rose grows quickly and reaches toward the ceiling.

The rose expands and bursts with a graceful explosion, sending its soft red petals 
flying about the room.

The petals tremble and turn into teardrops. A sibilant voice in your head whispers, 
'Child of Sorrow'.

The teardrops run across the floor and form a central pool.

Okk's figure forms from the tears and rises from the pool.

The lights dim.

All sounds stop.

Okk gives a deep bow to the audience.

Okk has to see the shamanic council for the showy display he just did.

Okk says, 'They ticket me'.

Bevier & Darkfang's dance
Bevier bows before DarkFang.

Bevier says (in common), 'you first'.

DarkFang once again takes to the air, scales shimmering.

DarkFang grins happily.

Bevier takes flight and follows DarkFaNG.
DarkFang begins to weave an intricate pattern in the air.

Bevier twists and turns in the air weaving a pattern with DarkFang.
DarkFang aerobatically moves in and out of Bevier's movements, as the light 
dances off of their scales.
Bevier spins together with DarkFang growing closer and closer.
DarkFang and Bevier's movements become smaller and more controlled, as they 
move together in an intricate arial dance.

Bevier grabs ahold of DarkFang's hands pulls them flush together and sudden 
pushes so they fly apart.

DarkFang and Bevier swoop apart, circling the room, then flying upwards to meet 
each other at the peak of their climb.

Bevier reaches tehe height of the room with DarkFang and they both  turn and 
plummet still spinning.

DarkFang and Bevier dive, backwining and flying just over your head before 
remounting to higher space.
DarkFang and Bevier spiral around each other in a final display of aerobatics, 
then land delicately and softly together.

DarkFang flourishes her wings.

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