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Elektra's Purification

Log created by Elektra

It is 11pm on Kelir the 4th, the month of Celebration, in the year 2580.
TFC started up at Fri Feb 21 18:21:50 2003
The system time is Sat Mar 1 13:11:26 2003
The Shore of Lake Hali
[Exits: east south down]
Black ice, dark and opaque, extends in a plain about you, forming a lake of dark, slick perfection. You have landed on the shore of that body, a dark cliff rising before you to the north. An octagonal door has been cut into it, and an octagonal pit opens downward. The eldritch monstrosity emanating from them horrify you, urging you to retreat.
(Invis 71) (Intense Light Green Aura) [GS] Tiax is here.
(Invis) (Light Blue Aura) DarkFang is here.
(Light Red Aura) Wunk is here.
(Intense Light Red Aura) [GS] Katrana is here.
(Light Red Aura) Lin-Tra, Duergar Shaman of the Spawn, worships her totems

Shar-Ti, Duergar Shaman of the Dhole, worships her totem here.
Unclothed but for the sigla completely covering her body,
Shar-Ti shrieks her worship of the sleeping Dhole:
Now it sleeps, in N'Kai of Night.
Now it dreams, til the Stars are Right.
Soon it wakes, and births, and breeds.
Then it rises, slays, and feeds ...
Shar-Ti is in perfect health.

You nod in recognition to Shar-Ti.
DarkFang looks at Shar-Ti.
Unclothed but for the sigla completely covering her body,
Lin-Tra sings her worship of the Formless Spawn:
Shapeless they are, yet of all shapes can they be.
Boundless they flow, ever wild and free.
Realmless they wait, for their Sender will soon wake.
Ceaseless they grow, the Sun-Lit world they take.
Lin-Tra is in perfect health.
Lin-Tra is using:
<held> a pustulous heart
You bow before Lin-Tra.
Lin-Tra bows before you.
Katrana says, 'Shall we being Elektra?'.
You say (in common), 'Alright, everyone ready to rock 'n' roll?'.
Wunk nods.
DarkFang signals that she is ready.
You nod.
Tiax sits on his barrel in anticipation.
You say (in common), 'We have gathered here in this sacred place of the three to witness a special event'.
You say (in common), 'I ask that those who may have any triggers set up to kindly turn them off'.
You say (in common), 'If, over the course of this ceremony you think you will need food and drink, please take your fill now'.

{People eat and drink}

You say (in common), 'This is the place where the Three sisters prepared to become the Goddesses of each aspect of the Triat.'.
Elektra pauses a moment to make eye contace with all present.
You say (in common), 'I came here today to purify myself and my conscience of my sins'.
You say (in common), 'Sins against myself and sins against those closest to me'.

Elektra holds her goblet in her hands.
Elektra dips the goblet into Lake Hali.

You say (in common), 'The Lake Hali is part of the world which tries to restore balance in this realm.'.
You say (in common), 'A balance of the soul, group, pantheon, the entire realm.'.
You say (in common), 'It inately it knows when, where, and how to shift to a balance.'.

Elektra swirls her goblet and then stops.

You say (in common), 'The water knows it's balance and will level itself'.

Elektra snaps her wrist - a few drops are flinged out.

You say (in common), 'After the initial imbalance, the waves fade and the water finds a new balance.'.
You say (in common), 'The Three will always show Honour, Perseverence, and Balance.'.
Elektra sips some of the wather from her goblet and passes it around.

You say (in common), 'Drink with me the waters of Hali'.

Elektra hands the goblet to her once Den Mother, Darkfang.

DarkFang takes the goblet with care, and takes a sip.
DarkFang hands the goblet delicately to Wunk.

Wunk gentely sips from the goblet.
Wunk hands the goblet to Katrana.

Katrana takes the goblet delicately and takes a sip from its contents.
Katrana hands the goblet to the Weaver.

Cordir holds the chalice cupped in her hands, then drinks solemnly from the liquid within.
Cordir turns to the Guardian Spirit, and dips her fingers in the holy water.
Cordir lightly flicks the water so that it passes through his translucent form.

Someone sits down and thinks deeply.

The droplets glow softy and are absorbed.

Cordir hands the goblet to the Lord of the Defenders.

Tiax hesistantly takes a sip.

Katrana smiles softly.
Katrana nods in recognition to you.

Tiax holds out the goblet to Elektra.
Tiax quickly takes a sip from his barrel to wash away the water.

You poke him in the ribs.
You wink suggestively.

Someone winks at Tiax.
You nod.
You say (in common), 'Since my creation, I have sinned. I ask you to witness the lifting of my sins'.

Elektra walks around the room, letting all see the scarlet stains on her otherwise lamb white robe.
Your cheeks are burning.
Elektra makes eye contact with Katrana, searching for comfort and confidence.
DarkFang silenly cheers Elektra on.
Elektra is ready to begin.

Shar-Ti nods in recognition to you.
Lin-Tra nods in recognition to you.

Lin-Tra grins evilly at you.
You say (in common), 'For the sins I have committed, I am truly sorry.'.
You say (in common), 'I courted a man I once loved, only to cast our relationship away'.
You say (in common), 'After I was rid of the Abductress' wicked ways, I had the chance to rekindle my love for Dunestripe.'.
You say (in common), 'Instead, I fell in love with my fiance, Avatarr'.
You say (in common), 'Though I've never had the strength nor the courage to formally end everything with Dunestripe.'.

Tiax nods.

You say (in common), 'Eventhough the Abductress was riven from me long ago, I still bear evidence that she was once a part of my past.'.

Elektra runs her hands over her inky black skin and over her ice white hair.

You say (in common), 'Nanook is still a part of me.. we still share our forms.'.
You say (in common), 'He deserves to roam free'.
Elektra takes a deep breath.
You yell (in common), 'I, Elektra Oksana-Nhaya, have lied to myself and the man I once loved.'.
You yell (in common), 'I ask to have my past erased. The Abductress has no hold of me, and my love for Dunestripe is gone.'.
You yell (in common), 'I, Elektra Oksana-Nhaya, acted dishonourably by not being truthful and upfront to a man who loved me.'.
You yell (in common), 'Grant me strengh, courage, and honour, so I will never have to make that mistake again.'.
You yell (in common), 'Lift from me Nanook, and free us both. Our bargain was fulfilled long ago.'.
You yell (in common), 'Send me a form that better reflects who I am, and who I am to be.'.
Elektra hugs and kisses the cheeks of all those present.
Elektra walks slowly into the Lake Hali, it's cool temperature raises goosebumps over her dark skin.
Elektra's robe trails behind her as she disappears from sight into the dark waters.

DarkFang strains to catch sight of ner gnomefriend.

Someone spots a fish.
The stains of Elektra's robe spread to the water around her.

Shar-Ti yells, 'For her lies, Elektra Oksana-Nhaya's memories of past lovers will be taken by the lake'.
The stains around Elektra's body intensifies into a scarlet red.

Lin-Tra yells, 'For her dishonour, Elektra Oksana-Nhaya's fears of the world will be taken by the lake'.
Lin-Tra yells, 'In place, she is to use sensible caution and her wisdom'.
The whole lake becomes consumed by Elektra's sinful stains.

Shar-Ti yells, 'Elektra Oksana-Nhaya knows the bargain with Nanook has been fulfilled'.

Lin-Tra yells, 'Nanook, leave her! Her soul was restored!'.
Lin-Tra yells, 'Now I restore your body to roam the realm.'.

Lake Hali, now a scarlet lake, heats to an unbearable boil.

DarkFang hides her face from the steam.

The Great Dhole yells, 'So shall it be!'.
In a flash, the waters clear, and cool to their normal temperature.

Elektra's form floats from the depths of the lake, her energy completely drained.

DarkFang runs to the edge of the lake.
A Magic Mushroom suddenly appears.
You get a Magic Mushroom.
You eat a Magic Mushroom.
You are full.
You drink water from a delicate emerald crystal goblet.
You do not feel thirsty.
Shar-Ti says, 'You care for this gnome so much that none of you have noticed any changes.'.

DarkFang looks at you.
Elektra looks down her to gown and lets out a surprised growl - her robe is a pure radiant white.

You hug Katrana.

Katrana lets out a gasp, as Elektra's claws dug into her back in the embrace.
Katrana takes a step back from Elektra.
The Wyldess takes Elektra's hands within hers then holds them to where she can see.
Katrana then admires the claws of her Wyldling.

Cordir looks at you.
l self
Although she is tiny in stature, the gnome woman before you
draws the eye like a the gleam of a bare blade glinting in the
night. There is a chill air about her, and it is clear that this is a
being on its guard, ever ready for the hunt - be she hunter or
prey. Your inverse image is visible in her eyes, staring back
at you in silence. Your own reflection shifts, and images appear
in her eyes, like the vision-pool of a seer:
A lone Tiger, stuck in a crevice, griping the rocks with her claws.
The path up is a long and hard one, but she faces the challenge
with dignified determination. The image of the Tiger fades, and
another one shifts into view.
A minotaur, adventuring over the lands, seeking the gnome's
hand in marriage. And the image of the gnome, standing at a
ledge, holding a bird of the purest white, waiting for her to release
it, and her everlasting love for the Wyldling of Fate.

Elektra has a special twinkle in her eye.
Elektra is in perfect health.
Elektra is using:
<used as light> (Glowing) a war banner
<worn around neck> an Amulet of Waterbreathing
<worn on body> a delicately woven corset of sterling silver
<worn about body> a short white robe
<wielded> a spiked whip
<held> an immaculately beautiful long stem rose
<worn with pride> a cloth baldric, draped over the shoulder
Katrana murmurs, 'Yet another change.'
Katrana grins Wyldly.
Katrana looks at you.

DarkFang howls joyfully at the transformation of her friend.

Cordir looks at you.

You smile happily.

Wunk smiles happily.

Cordir smiles at you.

Elektra begins to say 'I would like..' when something catches her eye.

Ephiny arrives from the east.
Ephiny bows deeply.

A large polar bear seems to run up to the sky, and dances with the Aurora Borealis.

Ephiny smiles at you.

You say (in common), 'I would like to thank everyone for attending today.'.
You hug DarkFang.
DarkFang dodges Eletkra's claws.
You snicker with DarkFang about your shared secret.
DarkFang hugs you.

You hug Ephiny.
Ephiny looks at you.

You hug Katrana.

Wunk looks at you.

Katrana hugs you.

You hug Cordir.

Tiax smiles happily.

You hug Tiax.
You hug Wunk.
You bow before Lin-Tra.
Lin-Tra bows before you.

Katrana smiles happily.

Wunk hugs you.

You bow before Shar-Ti.
Shar-Ti slaps you.
Katrana winces. Ouch!

DarkFang winces. Ouch!
Shar-Ti smiles at Elektra's transformation... yet her eyes grow distant as she thinks of yet another transformation to come.
DarkFang blinks.
Katrana raises an eyebrow.
You blink.

DarkFang looks intently at Shar-Ti.
Ephiny looks at Shar-Ti.

A tail?

Ephiny looks at Lin-Tra.
Wunk looks at Shar-Ti.

Shar-Ti simply bows deeply.

Elektra looks inquisitively behind her.
Elektra would call that a wrap

Katrana says, 'Thank you all for attending Elektra's cleansing'.

Someone smiles happily.
Katrana smiles happily.

Cordir curtseys gracefully to Katrana.
Cordir says, 'Certainly, Sister.'.
Cordir gazes about the Cavern.

Tiax grins mischievously.

Katrana curtseys gracefully to Cordir.

Ephiny smiles happily.

Tiax looks at the water with disgust.
Tiax says, 'A warning would be appropiate for the next cleansing..'.
Tiax says, 'I mean for all dwarves invited'.

You raise your eyebrow.

Someone nods in recognition to Tiax.
Tiax winks suggestively.
For a moment, the Pattern in all of its majesty becomes visible to you all.
DarkFang gasps at it's beauty.

Cordir says softly, "These shores will witness another event of power in the days to come."

Shar-Ti nods.

Katrana sits down and thinks deeply.

You say (in common), 'Wonderful '.

Wunk tries to hold in the laughter.

Someone says, 'Luckily I didn't bring Okk'.

Tiax nods in recognition to someone.

Ephiny laughs.
DarkFang chuckles, evidently amused.
The Pattern fades from view, Elektra's thread hanging in the air, shimmering, for a moment, before it, too, disappears.

Katrana smiles softly, then nods slowly.

Cordir curtseys gracefully.
Cordir says, 'Please excuse me.'.

You nod.
Wunk bows deeply.

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