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(located at port 4000)


I heard of lands where Ehdawuin grew,
Where winds through the branches of Ehdawuin blew,
But knew those lands would be far from you,
So with a smile and a wave goodbye,
I went in search of Ehdawuin's leaves,
And hoped you'd be in the meanwhile true...

So I sailed the oceans and all the seas,
I communed with salt on the foreign breeze,
And for a score of years I sought the tree...
Until an isle the size of my ship
Came on my bow, and from through my lips,
I whispered, "Ehdawuin," and cried on my knees.

And in my stolen second of ecstacy,
Fate pulled my ship from under me,
The storm devoured what the reef left to be.
I awoke alone against the Ehdawuin's bark,
And the ocean was slate, while the sky was dark,
And nothing remained but the isle and sea.

The leaves were bitter, tinged with red,
And immortal thoughts danced in my head,
I felt only regret that I'd never be dead.
For what they say about the Ehdawuin's true.
In solitude, I watched the seas for you,
For there's tales been spoken, and things been said...

Of the man on the island at the end of time,
Whose words on the winds are carried in rhyme,
Whose hands, both aged well past their prime,
Go to his brow as he scans the sea,
Until darkness has claimed all he could see,
Who once traded time, for the promise of time...

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