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Tynian: Cici, Lictilon deleted
Sun Feb 16 12:20:45 2003
To: all
Cici and Lictilon have both been deleted.

I rifted Cici to death for using his character Lictilon to scout for a kill
for Cici. A short dialogue followed:
02/16/03 11:20:16: CiCi tell weezer cackle
02/16/03 11:20:32: CiCi cackle
02/16/03 11:20:38: CiCi shrug
02/16/03 11:20:53: CiCi nod
02/16/03 11:21:05: CiCi say he got killed by a newbie killer
02/16/03 11:21:18: CiCi tell weezer he got killed by a newbie killer
02/16/03 11:21:26: CiCi tell weezer had to show him how it works
02/16/03 11:22:18: Tynian tell cici Looks like someone used their
higher level character to scout for targets
02/16/03 11:22:24: Tynian tell cici That's not very sporting.
02/16/03 11:22:34: CiCi say a god
02/16/03 11:22:44: CiCi say i killed someone
02/16/03 11:23:15: CiCi say i was scouting with another char or
some shit like that
02/16/03 11:23:33: CiCi shrug
02/16/03 11:23:39: CiCi shake
02/16/03 11:23:44: CiCi gossip i did nothing wrong
02/16/03 11:23:56: CiCi gossip keep the corpse if it makes you
feel better
02/16/03 11:24:27: Tynian gos It does now.
02/16/03 11:25:03: CiCi gossip man i wish i could kill someone in 1 rift
02/16/03 11:25:19: CiCi gossip that would make me feel tough
02/16/03 11:25:26: CiCi tell weezer an immortal did
02/16/03 11:25:27: Tynian gos Yeah, okay.
02/16/03 11:26:40: Tynian gos The mouth will almost always get
you in more trouble than anything else, regardless of the topic or
I deleted CiCi. He then logged in a new Cici. More conversation
02/16/03 11:27:44: CiCi gossip a perfect example of who is in charge
02/16/03 11:28:17: CiCi gossip what was that
02/16/03 11:29:07: Tynian gos Yes. Yes, it is.
02/16/03 11:29:33: CiCi gossip so how come an immortal can loot a
newbies corpse
02/16/03 11:29:57: Tynian gos yeah, alright
I force-quitted the new Cici, and locked his site from creating new
Lictilon logs in, and posts the following board:
[273] Lictilon: TFC Immortals
Sun Feb 16 11:44:36 2003
To followers of: Molo
Today an immortal rifted another one of my chars to death
This Immortal actually found it humarous to do so.
the char was deleted and when i tried to find out what the real reason
for this was, i simply got kicked off
Now believe me when i say i don't give a rats ass about that character
but it seems to me that immortals should get off a nashites ass about
Friends please keep an eye out for these hostile immortals.

=) Be safe.
Long live Nash
Lictilon deleted.

I probably would not have kept the corpse way back at the beginning of
all this, except that Cici decided to be a smart aleck, take his
complaints to gossip, and pretty much indicated that he didn't care.

Lesson: Don't run your mouth at me, especially over public channels. If
you have a beef, ask for a tell and/or talk to a god+. You may say,
"But Tynian, he didn't know it was you." No excuse. He knew it was an
Immortal. He even had a tell from me at the beginning. And he's
certainly been around long enough to know that it is STUPID to take such
crap to public channels.


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