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Bliss: There once was a girl named Lolita...
Sun Aug 3 08:10:35 2003
To: all

11 a.m. - 5 p.m. system time
Prizes supplied by Tokugawa.
Bliss: There once was a girl named Lolita
Sun Aug 3 11:00:17 2003
To: all

There once was a girl named Lolita,
Blind, deaf, and mute with a brain like a pita.
She loves pretty clothes and a thorny rose.
She has a fetish for eyes and yummy pies.
Help her with a quest
Lest she summon a demonic pest.

Find as many of the listed items as you can by 5 p.m. system time.
You can have an official team of up to 3 people, but there might only
be 1 prize awarded for each place (1st thru 3rd). If you have a team,
make sure to tell me who is on your team the first time you hand in items.
If you fail to do so, you will be the only one considered for a prize.
I will be on at various times during the quest to collect items.

Note with items to follow.
Bliss: Quest Items
Sun Aug 3 11:11:26 2003
To: all

thorny rose
reading glasses
eye glasses - 2 pts.
cure blindness potion
cure blindness scroll, fetish, staff, wand, relic - 2 pts each
a glass eye
the eye of a giant squid
an eye of newt
any "tiger eye" random item
an eye of salamander
a black eye
a red dragon's eye - 2 pts.
a shark eye - 2 pts.
a tiger eyed jewel
an eye patch - 5 pts.
an ear cuff made of polished silver
a beautiful pair of golden earrings
a cure deafness potion
a cure deafness scroll, staff, wand, relic, fetish - 2 pts. each
an alarm horn
a small silver clarion
a cure mute potion, wand, staff, relic, fetish, scroll - 2 pts. each
a tongue-depressor
an elegant green dress
a pair of violet lace stockings - 5 pts.
a light blue dress
a daisy chain
a jewelled mithril hair pin
a black spider silk dress
sheer black silk stockings
a jewel bag
at +1 or +2 random or limited intelligence item
a +3 or better random or limited intelligence item - 2 pts.
a +1 or +2 random or limited wisdom item
a +3 or better random or limited wisdom item - 2 pts
a book of poems
an exciting book
the book of knowledge
a history book
a piece of chocolate-smeared Ladislaw pie - 5 pts.
a mushroom pie
a banana cream pie
a coconut cream pie
a loganberry pie
a pumpkin pie
a slice of rat pie
mutton pie
an apple pie
a bone marrow pie
a plum pie
a steak or bag of shadow demon - 2 pts.
a steak or bag of Kappa - 2 pts.
a steak or bag of a vrock - 2 pts.

Bonus: a guilt trip - 10 pts.

Each item may only be handed in once to count for points.
Good luck! Lolita is counting on you.
Wylin: Lolita Quest Results
Sun Aug 3 18:59:12 2003
To: all
First place went to the team of: Alex/Valas/Tassadar
Second place went to the team of: Zeks/Mylk

Congratulations to both teams for your fine efforts!
Bliss: The Winners!
Sun Aug 3 20:07:08 2003
To: all

Thanks to Wylin for posting the results, I had to scoot right after announcing.
Thanks also to all that participated, you made it alot of fun being the Quest Hostess :)
And a very special thanks to Tokugawa for providing the quest prizes!

First Place: Valas, Alex, Tassadar - 63 pts
Second Place: Mylk, Zeks - 59 pts
Third Place: Noctus, Ihsahn, Boromir - 24 pts

Congratulations again, you all did great!

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