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Bliss: The Black Kismet
Fri Jun 27 15:35:55 2003
To: all

The tides receded, swaying this way and that, as is their way.
And in that way, the tides have risen high again, bringing new
form and strength to pound at the beaches that surround, and to
push back at the sands that would swallow them.

During this oncoming Dusk, approaching Crepuscule, nearing Twilight,
the Booga has stepped forward, proclaiming this a most glorious time
for She of the Ashen Moon, and She of the Chosen of Fate.

The time is now, 7pm on Marisae the 2nd, the month of the Deities' Wrath,
in the year 2600. The Time of the Black Kismet is here.

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