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Auron: Ephiny
Sat Apr 26 19:17:22 2003
To: all
First off, the Hunt is my enemy... I dont like many of them, and I know they
don't like me
But NO ONE deserves the crap people gives Ephiny I don't care how she is or
what she did... but to call her what I heard earlier today..
Personally (This may offend ya Ephiny ;) I know that Ephiny can be a
bit......hard to deal with and if you have comments about her thats
the last thing I wanna hear is her called a "whore" on gossip... I don't
like her char, I don't like Hunt... but in this case I will defend them

That is all

P.S. I know that this has an offensive word in it, and if the God+'s say it
should be deleted then so be it, but I wanted to speak on this

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