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Tamar: Area Coordination Information
Thu Jul 3 14:18:13 2003
To: All

As Tynian recently announced, I will be sharing area coordination
duties with Tokugawa. However, this change should be nearly
transparent from your perspective.

All emails regarding areas will continue to go to and from Tokugawa
at, and will continue to cc Tynian at Do NOT cc me on them, as Tokugawa will
keep me in the loop and I do not want duplicate emails. (This is
so that all area-related emails remain in one place, and so that
Tokugawa and I do not have to search through multiple email accounts
to find what we may be looking for.)

If you need to email me for a non-area related reason, my email
address is However urgent questions should be
posted to me in a note in-game. I am also available while online for
questions regarding areas in progress, area proposals, or emails
that have been sent to or from Tokugawa. The area status page at can also
be checked.

Tamar, Goddess of Serenity
Mistress of her own dreams

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