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Tynian: Anduin's death to Vex
Fri Feb 14 10:40:40 2003
To: all
Since the count of public opinion has apparently already convicted Vex
of cheating in the killing of Anduin, and since I'm sure Anduin has said
nothing to dispel this notion, I am providing the results of the
investigation. Because, after all, it's just not possible that Vex could
have found Anduin in a very active area on his own, in a zone that they
were both already in before Anduin lost link. *sarcasm*


[ 33] Tynian: Your death to Vex
Wed Feb 12 15:39:09 2003
To: anduin god solanthas bliss
I can find no basis for your charge that Vex cheated when he killed you
earlier today.

I checked the game logs, and found that during the time in question,
no Immortal was aware of your location -- not that Vex needed Immortal
help to find you. You and he were active in Kuroth at the same time.
You would have showed on whozone, which he checked multiple times.

In summary, I can find no evidence to support your claim.


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