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Alyria: Many Thanks
Thu Mar 20 02:18:28 2003
To: all
As I sat in guild feeling sorry for myself after a shadowy grey figure looted my corpse..
and a bunch of snickering men sent ghosts after first my wonderful Rath, next my close friend Mordon. and then after me...
I wondered. why has this happened to me?!.. what did I really do to deserve this kind of treatment?
I tried to get a few answers from the grey votex man, but he only said it wasn't personal
I even tried to point out to one of the snickering haunters that their acts were very unkind.
I stewed some more and thought well it sure feels personal to me.
But then, I was reminded by a wise little man..'oh well, thats the way the game goes.
...luckily you have friends to help ya out in tough situations"
then he added..'deserving people usually do"

In the aftermass of a tough situation I was actually treated -better- then I deserve.
What joy is mine from all you who came to defend me,to aide me with your generosity, and to comfort me in my great loses.
Thank you! and I hope that you all can be treated the way you deserve to be. *smile*

Alyria D'Aleth, Mystical Lady of the Black Conclave

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