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Wisteria: Looting, pit, newbies, haunt - my couple o' coins
Fri Dec 12 03:13:31 2003
To: all

On Wish's looting idea: I like it in principle, though I suspect it
might be too much coding to make it worth it. It also removes a
certain RP aspect around PKing, whereby some PKers just loot what
they need (and keep a sort-of-honourable reputation) and others sac
what they don't need (true vindictive evil). Besides, I'm sure Tynian
would rather spend time on more productive stuff, like new
classes/skills/quests. I know I'd prefer him to ;-)

Making the pit newbie-only would be a nice-to-have, but easy to get
around without a new temporary item flag. Sluuna makes a rather
better point: make it possible to donate from anywhere in the realm,
rather than having to cart unwanted stuff to and fro. Have the pit
purge FIFO if it fills up too much.

As for what constitutes a newbie: consider that PKing used to be
possible over level 5, and free-for-all (not range restricted) at lvl
20. While recent changes make the mud more newbie-friendly, which is
good, the sooner newbies learn to (i) avoid PKs, (ii) requip, and
(iii) use their justs, the better, IMHO. I vote for keeping it just
the way it is.

And finally, on haunt/turn: Turn is clearly an attack, and should be
limited to non-safe rooms. Haunt is not an attack on the ghost, so
should be castable in a safe room. It is, however (as the just
implies) an attack on the person being haunted, so there may be an
argument for making it impossible to haunt someone who is in a safe
room. This would remove the utility of haunt for flushing someone out
of a safe room, and I'd vote to keep haunt as it is. Besides, shamen
who can't play ghost ping-pong in the guild will probably just amuse
themselves by pinking the vortex. Let's not encourage this uncouth
and regressive practice...

Wisteria Lynxless, Sergeant Confidante of the Sun

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