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DarkClaw cants, 'Who's goin' on trial and for what?'.
Mystical cants, 'Go Wish '.

Natilena cants, 'hey! *pout*'.

Wish cants, 'i am suing natilena for using squishy '.

Boromir cants, 'to see who squishes the best'.
Mystical cants, 'Wish and Nat for trademark rights to *SQUISHY*'.
Wish cants, 'and she is countersuing'.
DarkClaw cants, 'Ahhhh'.
DarkClaw cants, 'Hmmm'.

Boromir cants, 'with bliss as nat's attorney'.

DarkClaw cants, 'What happens if you both win and you break even?'.
Wish cants, 'and i am representing myself'.

Natilena cants, 'we can't both win.. I'm right!'.
Wish cants, 'that would be a hung jury'.
DarkClaw cants, '*giggle*'.
Mystical cants, 'im voting for you Wish!'.
Wish cants, 'you aren't right!!'.

Boromir cants, 'then they have joint custody'.

DarkClaw cants, '*laugh Boromir*'.
Mystical cants, 'Nat waved he toes in my nose ealier!'.
Wish cants, 'good, i want you on the jury'.
Boromir cants, 'they would take turns being squeshed'.
Wish cants, 'hey, yeah, lets just do a forum poll nati'.

Wish cants, 'we put it on the forum...and let everyone vote'.

Boromir cants, 'do that and you would have 9 milion votes :)'.

Wish cants, 'may the best sepiod win!'.
Mystical cants, 'how about Wish be squishy on mondays wednesdays 
fridays and Nat Tuesday thursday and satuarday and sunday you share?'.
DarkClaw cants, 'Nat's squishy....Wish is slimy.  ;-)'.
Wish cants, 'i am squishy AND slimy'.
Natilena cants, 'no no no.. trial!'.
DarkClaw cants, 'Hehe'.

Boromir cants, 'actually wish .. out of water .. you are squashed'.
Wish cants, 'natilena has a skeletal structure'.

Wish cants, 'i dont'.
Natilena cants, 'this is not about how squishy I am.. this is ..  I 
had it first!  nyah nyah'.
Wish cants, 'no you didnt...i had it firtst'.
Wish cants, 'and its about both!'.
Natilena cants, 'you can't change your mind!  its about who used it 
Wish cants, 'i'm not changing my mind'.
Wish cants, 'the trial is a two parter'.

Someone cants, 'no, it's not'.

Wish cants, 'first we determine who used it first'.
Boromir cants, 'hmm Nat has squishy in her title .. Wish doent'.

DarkClaw cants, 'Ugh...that means I'll have to set the vcr in case I 
don't remember.'.
Wish cants, 'natilena just put it in her title when she went ambassador'.
Boromir cants, 'seems to be a precedent being set here'.
Wish cants, 'i have been using if for ages'.

Wish cants, 'as many can, and will, attest'.

Natilena cants, 'I disagree! I have been using this title in different 
forms longer than you existed in the world!'.

Boromir cants, 'I will check my logs ..'.

Wish cants, 'bah!'.

Wish cants, 'the trial will settle it'.

Natilena cants, 'too true.. a trial will settle it'.

Wish cants, 'i have my cash ready for jury bribes, i'm not worried'.
DarkClaw cants, 'Hehe'

Wish cants, 'and i'm sure even the judge has a price'.

Someone cants, 'I cannot be bribed'.

Natilena cants, 'even bribed they won't be able to deny the truth of my 

Wylin cants, 'I think wish is far more squishy'.

Wish cants, 'everyone can be bribed!! this is america!'.

Natilena cants, 'im sure he is more squishy.. I was just squishy before 
he was!'.

Wylin cants, 'he was born squishy'.

Wish cants, 'my point exactly, wylin'.

Natilena cants, 'but I was squish before he was born!  so who is right?'.
Natilena cants, 'err squishy'.

DarkClaw cants, 'I'm stealing squishy from BOTH of you, so this discussion 
is over!  :-P'.

DarkClaw cants, '*flees*'.

DarkClaw cants, '*was squashed*'.

Boromir cants, 'now searching my logs for the term squishy'.
Wylin cants, 'you can work out and not be squish nat, wish cannot'.

Wylin cants, 'squishy'
Boromir cants, 'will see who was using back then'.
Wish cants, 'yes, boromir, depending on your results, lets who you will 
be a witness for'.
Natilena cants, 'well he flat out told me he can be bribed so you can 
have him'.
Wish cants, 'of course, i will move to have you disqualified as a witness 
if your results are not in my favor'.
Minian gossips (in minotaur), 'good'.
Wish cants, 'hehehe'.

Wish cants, 'you should settle out of court '.

Natilena cants, 'i'm right!  theres no way you can deny it'.

Wish cants, 'sure i can'.

Wish cants, 'i have witness after witness who will testify on my behalf'.
Wish cants, 'no one can or will testify that you used squishy before me'.

Wish cants, 'which is exactly the reason you are against a poll'.

Natilena cants, 'we'll see.  facts are facts'.

Boromir cants, '*sheesh* the facts only ruin a good argument!!!'.

Someone cants, 'I'd like to have an argument please.'.

Wish cants, 'with who?'.

Someone cants, 'Down the hall on the right.'.
Boromir cants, 'then dont bring up facts!!!'.
Natilena cants, 'I'm sorry this is abuse.'.

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