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Craige: 2x vote
Mon Jan 13 17:54:29 2003
To: all
I'm primarily writing this for the players which have never experienced 2x I know when looking at the 2 versions side by side, 3x seems the obvious one the choose 3x comes after 2x, which if taken as is, would imply progress While there are a lot of things about 3x which are nice, there have also been an extremely large number of things which have impaired tfc For example, huge eq wasnt nearly as common and therefore big zones actually acted as a challange to adventurous players This one factor alone has affected everything from changes to the pk system, to xp caps and leveling methods, to zone writing Also races played a larger part in character development. I remember days when birds and giants were actually common It would take too long to list all the qwerks and differences, so I must refrain from doing so In essence, it comes down to this No, version 2x is not absolutely perfect and every way shape and form. But 2x does still maintain the basic structures and systems of tfc which made it so much fun in the past The same systems and structures which 3x has lost over the years due to a variety of issues As with all things, some people will love it, some wont But I urge those who havent experienced it to atleast give it a shot rather than just going with what you know Progress is only progress if it has gone in the right direction (not to say 3x hasnt made progress. It's just been tweeked and changed far too much from what it once was) So, open up your web browser, go to, and vote for 2x If the majority doesnt like it once its in, it can be changed back. But I urge you, dont throw away this opportunity. Prolly wont get another shot at

Craige the Destroyer, Grand Sentinel of the Conclave

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