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the may 2003 chicago gt

ok first I have to say it: BRRRRRRRRR! (and I'm pretty sure Lorax will agree with me 100%). BUT, on the very last day it finally got to only slightly cool and I took off my coat if you can believe it. Lania told us that moring in the lobby that it was "hot" outside, so I compromised and carried my coat around and wore a sweatshirt on the plane ride home instead. But anyway, let's start at the beginning:

Toku & I were the first to arrive, getting to the hotel about 1pm. We checked in, walked around for quite awhile shivering, taking pictures, & hitting the sample sales at the Merchandise Mart, ate (I think), and then took a lloonngg nap til it was time to meet the others in the lobby. (Had to recover from our 4:40am depature time you know :P)

Our hotel was in the theatre district, which I'm assuming explains the varying shades of pink in the hotel room and the dizzying brown stripes in the hallway. (I couldn't bear to take pictures of those stripes...). It also had a very very speedy elevator which I think gave the one at the Sears tower a run for its money. Lania "just don't call me Lanfear" Goldleaf and Natilena arrived a few hours after we did, and found Triston whiling away the time in the hotel bar. Boyardee showed up too. We all finally met up at 9pm and hung out in the now-infamous back corner of the hotel lobby talking, drinking, and blinding each other with our flashes.

The Hotel Allegro (with nice warm heat lamps under the awning & revolving doors to keep out the cold)

Signs were all over saying this was the Chicago Theatre District, in case we couldn't guess it from the theatres everywhere we looked.

Our pink on pink rooms (with light orange down comforters). TVs were in the armoire, and they actually turned sideways for viewing! (This will make sense to those that were there...)

The lobby. More about this later...

Natilena fending off the hotel sea-monster. Or was it my flash?

We all (Boyardee, Lania, Natilena, Triston, Tokugawa & myself) hung out at the hotel til about 1am, and then made plans to meet up at noon the next day for shopping with an expanded group. SOMETHING was really, really, really funny that night, but by the time we got back to our room I couldn't remember what it was. And I only had one drink, I swear! Maybe it was Natilena trying to pay the bar people? (She would hold out her money helplessly in a wad and look pathetic, because it wasn't colored [since when is green not a color?], and didn't have names like Looney and Tooney.) We kept TELLING her to look at the numbers, but to help her out for the next trip, I've imp ided some American money and marked it here:

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