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(located at port 4000)

Here's some of the photos from the 2/1/03 Tempe, GT, with special guests Pitt from Australia and Azeworai from Texas (nearly as far :P). The Tucson crew and the Texan got lost (bad Mapquest! it wasn't me this time, really) and so were about an hour or so late, but they made up for lost time once they found the place. We all hung out in the pub and talked, and Tolken leveled on the computer nearby. Then we went for the traditional after-GT ice cream, and talked some more.

Almost everyone (Mistyfier's not in this, and Tolken is taking the photo)
from lower left: Rubicant, Azeworai, Alucard, Majere, Syla, JohnPaul, Marisa, Tokugawa, Pitt

Mistyfier helping with my camera test
Rubicant & Azeworai waiting for something to eat
JohnPaul, Tokugawa & Tolken (yes my son now muds :P)
Pitt & Syla
Rubicant & Alucard,
men about town

Majere's mug shot
and Azeworai's

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