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Thunderoad: At the Wyvern's Tower, and beyond
Thu Jan 31 01:01:59 2002
To: all
My canoe slowly drifted into the moat, and I took a moment to observe the
tower again, after I had stowed my gear at the bow. I noticed a black figure
standing at a balcony a few stories above,...and watching the moat intently
with red piercing eyes aglow. I shuddered, and the figure passed away into
the tower. "Are such phantoms what await me inside? I fear steel may not
avail me here, perhpas, I should have gone with Maxcivio..." I thought
drearily. Lost in my thoughts I struck the opposite shore of the moat, and
just as I stepped from my canoe, several creatures lept upon me, and attacked
I had no idea, who or what, they were, but their strength was tremendous, and
barely recovered from their first strike,...which involved many blows to my
head, and back. I was in a daze, and swung blindly with my mace. I struck
something like rock, and I thought my arm would shatter, But the mace held,..
and broke through! I cleared the sweat and blood from my eyes to see my
assailants, and what if any damage I had done to their companion. In fact,
when I said it was if I had struck solid stone, it was true enough! For right
before me stood two gargoyles,...the compatriot had been shattered to pieces
by my strike, and was dead,...the continued the assault but soon fled, after
I gave them a taste of my mourning star. I took a closer look at the debris
that was once a gargoyle, and was shocked to find something inscribed into
its temple! "Well, someone was very bold." I said, and picked up the head,
and read the inscription aloud, "Lexie was here" I chuckled and tossed it
to the ground,..and made my way into the fortress. I was welcomed by another
attack in the foyer, least five gargoyles, and a shadow, now,...I
presumed that I had set some alarm, or the gargoyles that feld earlier had
gone ahead to prepare an ambush, their strength was too great,...and because
I was hoplessly outnumbered I fled mylself, and once around the corner I
took my recall potion and vanished,...In the guild was the Lady Tranquillity
a beautiful enchantress, both wise and powerful,...I bowed low, I must have
been a sight, after having ado with the gargoyles, and other monsters. But
she welcomed me, and bid me sit and talk, for Cordir had spoken to her, of me
Me?!! Imagine that, the goddess herself,...I was flattered, and speechless,
and when I regained that, I must have said I was so unworthy of such blessing
a hundred times, and made a grand fool of myself,...but she only smiled &
nodded, and as I calmed down we had a conversation about my future, and where
my true destiny would unfold,...much wisdom did she impart to me, and I am
eternally gratefull for it,....Thunderoad.

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