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(located at port 4000)

Twelf: Heroic rescue Wunk ---> Twelf

Wed Nov 13 15:59:48 2002

Today, Wed Nov 13rd, I got into some trouble... again Not satisfied with a lvl 17 enchant, I wizmarked the Thalos desk A 4&4 enchant was to be made, so I had to get a better scroll fast! With no food and just 2 or 3 recall potions in inv I stepped in a magical Portal Hey! I thought.. this doesn't look like the Thalos City Hall at all. I was on the stern of some kind of boat...hmm!

I decided to ask directions to the sailor nearest to me. He was less than friendly!! I quaffed two embalming fluids, to find out, i could not recall or teleport from here. Running from the pirate, I asked some advice over gossip. deeper down in the ship, it would be safer...... From the stern, I ran onto the main deck.. then went down to go to a lower deck and ran into an armoury of some sort... oops... there was a very warm welcome for me here as well! I fled into the rowing decks to discover i had run out of recalls One of the rowing slaves said: Quick! darken the room and hide! I did so, just in time...

In the meanwhile, people had heard me crying over gossip like a baby Wunk (as I later found out.. I was in the dark) told me he was going to get me out of there. after a while, Wunk arrived, gave me some food and recalls, and we were set to leave But some of the pirates were still after my blood... Stepping out of the dark, they spotted me and beat me up real bad.. down to 26 hp! We then darkened the rooms to the exit, 1 by 1 . Wunk showed me the way to a recallable place. From there, I had only one bad recall, before i reached the recall room. Thanks to Wunk for the heroic rescue!!!

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