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(located at port 4000)

Fate Takes Over!

7 players.
Hel [ Wa:18 Ma:22 ] Garvax slowly fading away..................*Cordir*
Elf [ Ma:14 Wa:15 Th:12 ] Shylok Jaelre, Seeker of Fate //\../\\ *={=CORDIR==>
Elf [ Ma:27 Ra:30 ] Lanfear, Chosen Mistress of Magic. *Fate* *Cordir*
Hlf [ Cl:26 ] Aslan Tsarran-Napei, Fated wife of Talyn *Cordir*
Gno [ Cl:16 ] Saruman Blackheart, Chaotic Jester of Fate *Cordir*
Elf [ Ra: 1 Cl:15 ] Valence the Elf
Hum [ Demigoddess ] Cordir, Chosen Lady of Fate. *writing* time
It is 1am on Jawiliea the 10th, the month of Reconciliation, in the year 2518.
TFC started up at Sat Feb 16 06:17:37 2002 \ The system time is Thu Feb 21 02:42:54 2002

Valence gossips (in elven), 'Now I really feel outnumbered'.
You gossip, 'Muahahahahaah!'.
Aslan gossips (in common), '*smile* Or, you know, you COULD take this large percentage of us and say 'Wow, what a great following...''.
Valence gossips (in elven), 'I already know you guys have great following'.
Valence gossips (in elven), '(:'
Garvax gossips (in common), 'is ftell linked to gossip now?'..
Aslan gossips (in common), '*makes a mental note 'Check'*'.
Lanfear gossips (in common), '*laugh*'.

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