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Tynian: Version 3.94
Fri May 3 09:28:09 2002
To: all
I have modified the nature of the damage cap, since the present
cap has proved to be such a de-motivator, to PKers and many non-PKers
alike. Now, the damage, hit roll, and svs caps are only in effect in the
following two situations: 1) When fighting mobs. This is because I want
the areas to retain a certain level of difficulty. 2) Unjust attacks
against a pacifist or reprisalist will result in damage dealt to the
pacifist or reprisalist being capped. Sometime within the next few
days, I will post a note outlining some scenarios, and explain whether a
cap would or would not be in effect, and if so, for whom. In summary,
if the pacifist or reprisalist is a "blameless victim," damage against
them will be capped. Otherwise, there is no damage cap. It is assumed
that if you are not a pacifist or reprisalist, or if someone is
justified against you, then you have chosen to forego cap protection.
This is still a work in progress, and may change based on how it works

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