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Tynian: Version 3.107
Sun Sep 29 10:02:30 2002
To: all
Neutral, as an alignment, was not set up with PK aggressiveness in
mind. It originally started out as an alignment that could not initiate
unjust attacks, much like the Sentry PK model. In the original sense,
'Neutral' was neutrality from the PK wars between and amongst the two
main alignments (good and evil). Now that this version of neutrality is
not explicitly the case, followings have arisen to take advantage of the
flexibility of alliances and enemies, without a corresponding downside
that the other alignments have -- although, in a sense, alliances and
neutrality is an interesting contradiction. In the short term,
penalties will be introduced for aggressive neutral followers, to bring
the penalties more in line with the other alignments. In the longer
term, neutral may be phased out as a following-selectable alignment. In
many cases, it overlaps with good (passive folks *tend* to lean good)
and evil (the "can kill anyone" group). Any Neutral Following-Level
Immortals that wish to change to either Good or Evil may do so without
penalty for a limited time, given the clarification in focus.

Neutral aggressors are charged more PK debt for both attacks and
kills. The penalty increases as your PK classification changes, with the
worst penalty for "Neutral" sociopaths. Applying my own values system,
these individuals are evil.

Unjustly attacking or killing fanatics or sociopaths (any
alignment) costs less PK debt. The PK debt amount is further reduced if
you attack or kill a "Neutral" sociopath. Applying my own values
system, these individuals are evil.

Reduced the PK debt given when attacking someone who cannot justly
attack. The penalty was disproportionately high.

Removed 'skirt' as a on legs random item, and changed garter belt
to garter belts.

One of the statistics pages still referred to GlobalCenter.

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