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Tynian: Version 3.105b
Sat Aug 10 12:30:49 2002
To: all
Added code to warn you if you are going to TFC's old site IP
address. Currently, I am cleverly re-routing traffic from the old site
to the new site. If you are going to the wrong site, you should see the
contents of HELP OLDIP. This is not tested, as it will only work on the
live server.

Granted Valas' wish that attack justifies not be granted to an
opponent, if the attacker was justified in attacking. This change
affects Valas only. Since he has lambasted the way justification
currently works, and requested that it work this way, he is responsible
for the bad things that could happen as a result. How these "bad
things" are triggered is left as an exercise to the players to figure

Mobs should no longer try to hunt Immortals.

Added 'howl' social.

Whether mortal spells fizzle when cast on a god+ is now determined
by the god+'s 'nohassle' setting.

Backed away from the concept of saving objects in the database,
instead of or in addition to in the player file. The save operation was
too slow, causing very noticable lag.

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