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Tynian: Version 3.102
Sun Jul 14 13:32:26 2002
To: all
Score now shows a scale for each attribute statistic (str, int,
etc.). HELP REROLL shows the scale, from LOW to MAX.

Reworked new character creation. You now have an opportunity to re-roll
statistics when the character is being created. Removed the
misunderstood notion of training 'potential' statistics.

Re-wrote train to work with new character stats generation code.

Re-wrote code to improve and simplify how attribute statistics are

Fixed a bug with the advice adding code, which would cause advice
messages created over multiple lines not to display correctly.

Relocated Immortal new player infos to be closer to the point that
the new character logs in.

Revised racial statistics minimums and maximums.

Added 'sneer' social.

Immortals no longer suffer from standard spell casting lags. This
is somewhat experimental.

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