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Bliss: Valentine's Creative Writing Contest
Sun Feb 3 17:46:24 2002
To: all

I am proud to be hosting a Valentine-themed creative writing contest.
Your entry can be anything, such as a love letter (can be anonymous), poem,
or short story, as long as it relates to Valentine's Day in some way.

Entries are due no later than Monday, February 11th at 11 pm mud time.
Send entries to me at (and hush, it was closest to Bliss I could get),
and I will assign each entry an anonymous number. The entry will then be forwarded
to three judges for voting.

** Prizes **
- 1st Place: a special wwp container and publication of your winning entry in a cool book!
- 2nd and 3rd Places: a restring!

So get those creative juices flowing and submit your entries.
The winners and their masterpieces will be announced on Valentine's Day, February 14th.
After they are posted, please see Tokugawa for your prizes.

Any rude, crude, offensive or obnoxious entries are void. Sorry!

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