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Valas: just system
Fri Aug 9 18:07:22 2002
To: all
It used to be, you had a just one someone, you attacked them, you get no debt and they get not just.
Now it's, you have a just? who gives a damn. This is dumb, especially with the vast amount of OM's these days,
returning to the old just system would make alot more sense.
and Valas' later explanation...

Valas: Just System (more into the explanation)
Sat Aug 10 12:31:50 2002
To: all
First off, I wasn't trying to be rude when I wrote this note'd predecessor and so I apologize because I probably came off as an ass, which is rare for
me ;), what the idea meant to point out was, if you have a just on someone and attack them, they get a just, you also get debt, so I don't
see the point of being just, unless you're Ordained, which brings me to an example, and I was trying to avoid mentioning this before
because it may seem a compliment to Vex, which I'd rather not do, _but anyway_ example:
Vex attacks myself and Tassadar grouped, the fights ends and we all regen up, then Tassadar and I engage Vex, he gets a just, and thus
get his Ordained Damage bonus against us both, even though he attacked us and we had a just.
Ink said the _old_ system was THIEF and KILLER thing, which I didn't mean ;), and it was his confusion that lead to this re-idea post,
I just meant before, if you had a just and attacked the person who you were justified against, they would not get a just,
anyway this idea has gotten pretty long so I apologize to the reader, I just think it's a good idea that may have come off wrong before.

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