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Daelin: Uncrush, unkill, undestroy
Fri Dec 27 04:14:39 2002
To: all
As I race through the elemental canyon, my heart rate increases. 80.. 90.. 100.. 110.. I
felt like I had just stepped in a basketball game for 30 seconds before smoker lungs
kicked in. "He's going to see me," I thought, "he's going to recall. They ALWAYS do."
Back in the old days, things were different... nobody knew what the heck they were doing.
But I digress. I forgot the thrill of the hunt, part of me hates my mind for releasing
endorphins as a result of me typing "n, w, w, n, w, n, n, w, s, s, w". And I don't think
it's healthy that my heart reached something like 130 bpm while the only parts of my body
moving were my wrists. But I digress. I barrel down on my target like a steaming locomotive,
with only one intention... "He's a mage, he's probably got low hps. I bet I actually have a
chance before he gets away." My target is Linkin, an eff 27 mage/warrior. He isn't in my
range. Nobody could tell me why. I assumed there is a different range formula used for
sentry. Blah. Anyway, if a level 27 isn't in my range, I call off my holy war. I'm well
aware that the only people I have a chance against are those in the 25-30 range that I
thought were in my range, but apparently aren't. I don't want to waste my time, and I'm
probably better off not pissing off Cordir more than I already have by actually slaughtering
her followers.

I am taking off my gloves, throwing in the towel, and going back to what I do best. Nothing.

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