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Bliss: Uh oh
Thu Jan 24 20:33:37 2002
To: all

I visited the Green Dragon two days ago, you see
to bring it chocolate-dipped corpses and brie.
I don't recall exactly what I said,
perhaps a comment about its cousin, Fred.

Anyway, something certainly made it ROOOOOOOOOOAAAAARRRRR
which caused the corpse of the orc to melt all over the floor.
Who knew this dragon was such a neat freak
as it handed me a mop and said, "Not one streak!"
Well, I left in such a huff, unable to speak.

Standing outside its lair,
I conjured a spell few would dare.
Before my eyes stood an army of ... well, you'll see!
These creatures went on a treasure-stealing spree. Heehee.

This morning, I heard a knock at the door.
Before I could answer, there was a great roar.
The dragon expressed great displeasure,
and demanded the return of its treasure.
I replied that if it wanted the treasure back,
It would have to find my glorious army and attack!
(Imagine all the melted chocolate ..... yum!)

The great Green Dragon chortled in the early morning dawn
as it dangled a terrified Yvon.
It said, "You have 7 days to return my trove,
or ALL of your followers will roast in my stove!"

So, there you have my tale of woe
please find the treasure and fix my big Uh oh!

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