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Tynian: Zarous Attends Bliss
Tue Sep 24 22:35:46 2002
To: all
Zarous is now Bliss' Attendant, as part of the "Survey of TFC Followings"
program that he is enrolled in. I now return you to your regularly scheduled
Zarous: Changes
Tue Sep 24 22:49:01 2002
To: all
I would just like to say that my having changed to Attendant to Bliss'
following from Cordir's following was a failing on my part, and in no
way a slight against Cordir or her followers. It has been brought to
my attention that I have been AFK for unacceptable amounts of time.
and that concerns exist as to whether I have spent an adequate amount
of quality (non-afk) time to be a viable FLI.
Cordir and her followers are a fine bunch and I will miss ftells from
them very much.. and I will strive to serve Bliss' following in a
more adequate fashon. >Zarous<

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