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Tynian: Thank you
Thu Sep 26 16:11:02 2002
To: all
I would like to express my appreciation to 3 members of my Immortal staff.

Thanks for your hard work, Tokugawa. You have done an excellent job
with area coordination. You provide timely feedback to prospective and
current area writers, place temples in a timely matter, and handle area
installations, all with an eye to quality. Thank you.

Thanks for your hard work, Tamar. I especially appreciate your efforts
to verify the bugs on the bug list. Your detailed notes on how to
reproduce a given bug makes fixing that bug much easier. I understand
that you have also worked extensively with Tokugawa to prepare areas for
installation. Thank you.

Thanks for your hard work, Cordir. You have run more than one mud-wide
quest in the last few weeks, providing the players of TFC a greater
opportunity for fun and enjoyment, above and beyond running your own
following. I appreciate your willingness to contribute to the players
and game as a whole. Thank you.

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