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Cordir: Quests Completed!
Sun Sep 22 23:14:43 2002
To: All who enjoyed the quest

After nearly 12 hours of questing, it was over.

High Line: 1st Place: Mordith, 38 points
2nd Place: Garath, 11 points / 3rd Place: Natilena, 9 points
Honorable Mentions: Gwyrdain - 8 points, Zim - 2 points,
Krule - 1 point. These folks are less than level 15.

Low Line: 1st Place: Sharn, perfect score, 31 points
2nd Place: Qua - 28 points / 3rd Place: Eamon - 27 points
Honorable Mention: Zim - 5 points, Gwyrdain - 6 points,
Kirith - 6 points, Krule - 4 points. Garath also participated
in the low line quest, but was not eligible for a prize, as
he was above level 20. (16 points).

First Prize: a restring
Second Prize: a custom Potion
Third Prize: a prize circlet

Thank you to everyone who participated!


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