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Hum [  Lesser  Goddess  ] Cordir is running 2 quests: See NOTES.  Fate.
Dwa [    Implementor    ] Tynian is NOT running 2 quests: See CORDIR.

Sun Sep 22 10:44:04 2002
To: All who like quests

It's been a little while since I ran a quest, so... here's Two!
The quests start as soon as these note are posted. It ends at 10 PM
System Time on Sunday, September 22. 

I've designed a HIGH LINE quest that is targetted for players 30+,
and a LOW LINE quest that is for players 10-20. If you're in the 
middle, I'll try and get ya next time. In all cases, items must be
turned into me personally. I'll spend the majority of the quest span
on line, vis, in the Guild. If you don't see me, ask via gossip.
High level players found to be interfering with the low line quest
will be dealt with unpleasantly. :-)

These quests are for SINGLE INDIVIDUALS.  Teams will *NOT* receive 
additional prizes. ONE prize will be given to those placing.




Sun Sep 22 10:44:48 2002
To: All who like quests
General Info: The last one was reported as being too easy, so.... 
Some items are limited. Deciding the priorties in item collection is part
of the challenge. Some are no drop/no remove. That you have the item will
be verified via Peek or other ability. The quest sponsor is not in any way
responsible for removing no drop/no remove items collected. Items that are 
GOD GIFTED will not be accepted. If an item is no longer obtainable (ie, 
has been removed from the mud) or is 'not take-able' noting the zone it was
from, or the ROOM it is found in, is your only means of 'turning the item in'.

a dark red jar                         a side of horse
a tiny monkey                          a witch's broom *
a herbal brew                          a sextant
a white silk robe                      the Aegis Tendril
a mining pick                          a pink potion
a damaged map                          the engraved ebony seal
a bowl of ochre pudding                a gold nugget
the horn of the unicorn                your only hope
a blackened paw                        a ring of indifference
the sword of darkness                  the Ivory Key
an anvil                               a stale muffin
a cot                                  a flaming stick
elemental wand of wind and air         a bloody amulet
a minotaur leg                         a bronze crown
the Ring of Might *                    a twig
a bloody scourge                       the key to the West Room
a letter addressed to Yargrits         a handfull of blueberries
a bright red robin's feather           a leaf full of dew
a thorny rose                          a garnet quilted-velvet doublet
the Scorpion's Tail *                  a package of powder of pearl
a bone knife                           a bottle of mint tea
a morsel of fish                       a stingray's barb *
a pointed wizard's hat                 the Pax Nocturnus
a statue of a dolphin                  a peacock headdress
the ghost of a key                     a durian

(* worth 5 additional points.)

Sun Sep 22 16:52:03 2002
To: All who like quests

a bag of trail mix                      a box of popcorn
a recall potion                         a short sword
(a potion that has GREEN as a color)    an apple
a mining pick                           a longsword
a pair of grey leather boots            a yummy ficklenut
an insect larvae                        a lantern
a bouquet of flowers                    an eye of basilisk
an uncut gem                            a cup of honey mead
a case of glue                          a green spore
a cool drink                            a spiked dog collar
a scroll which reads ysafg            a bag of TFC Pet Chow
a bunch of wild daisies                 a pipeweed bread
a ball of bright purple light           a bottle of Volcrik Wine
the CORPSE of a raven *

* Worth an additional FIVE points

REVISION: the insect larvae has been removed - obtain 'an egg' instead.
REVISION: a scroll which reads ysafg removed -  'a peice of sticky candy' instead
REVISION: a spiked dog collar removed - obtain a polyp's tooth

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