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Tyreth: Dragon Turtle Soup
Fri Mar 22 00:43:23 2002
To: all

Going after a Mobmastery had proven to be hazardous
to my health. I met up with a rather distasteful
soup ingredient and was brutally slain by it's foul
smelling breath. It was then I called upon the aid
of Wisdom. Wylin responded quickly to my request
for aid, and soon, both Grale and Lorax came to his
aid. A short while later, Kaern joined in the quest,
and all of them set forth, risking their own lives
to fight the beast and retrieve my rotting corpse.

I commend these fine heroes, and must say that I
rarely see deeds like that done these days. It's a
breath of fresh air to know that people still have
the heroic spirit in them. Once again, thank you all
for your help.


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