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The 2nd Anniversary of the Tigers

To commemorate, here's some Tiger Info:

Tripper was promoted to Demigod in the evening of 16 May 2000 while LD. His computer had locked up, and after rebooting and re-logging on, he was greeted with a barrage of Congratulations for a promotion that had apparently been executed while he was LD. *grin*

Tripper has accepted over 200 followers in the intervening period not all of whom still exist.

Tripper has Ordained :
Athorne – Now a Demigod in his own right
Wistom – Choo Choo Tiger
Khorlan – Sentinel and current Ordained
Garland – Soul Hunter and current Ordained

Tiax, Tiger Counselor was also recently immorted and currently serves as an Ambassador in the wee hours of the morning.

Tripper has accumulated over 2800 FLI hours in support of his Kittens.

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