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Tiax: Writing contest!
Mon Nov 4 14:17:25 2002
To: all potential writers
Greetings all!

The idea is simple, write a story that is: interesting,
cunning, funny, scary, emotional etc etc.
The story will be reviewed by a few people,
Tamar, Katrana and Tiax will be the judges.
and there will be prizes too!

Guidelines and rules:
The idea might be simple, but there are some things to think
about. The story cannot be about anything that is inappropiate
in a way that would be inappropiate on the mud, and thus are
against mud rules. You can enter more then one story. Anyone
can participate.
The story has to be about or closely related to any TFC area,
that is not a hometown. It can be about a character from that
area, or about something that happened there in the past, as
long as it has something to do with the area.
The winning story will be told at a later date for everyone
who wants to hear.

Submissions can be send before 18 november 2002 to the following address:
Any questions can also be send there.

The winner will probably be announced shortly after.

Greetings Tiax

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