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(located at port 4000)

Tiax gossips, 'Peanuts'.

Tiax gossips, 'Oops'.

Ephiny gossips (in common), 'CHarlie Brown!'.

Tiax gossips, 'Anyone else want some?'.

Taibh gossips (in common), 'you pay peanuts, you get monkeys'.

Tiax gossips, 'I _am_ a monkey'.

Valas gossips (in elven), 'ashamed of Dwarf-ness I see'.

Valas gossips (in elven), 'not that I blame you'.

Taibh gossips (in common), 'or maybe its just a nother name for it'.

Taibh gossips (in common), 'all that hair.. diminutive size...'.

Tiax gossips, 'Elves always think of something stupid to say...:P'.

Taibh gossips (in common), 'we already proved his love of peanuts'.

Valas gossips (in elven), 'then say the opposite'.

Tiax gossips, 'Well, I just like salted peanuts..bah'.

Taibh gossips (in common), 'they should have salted roasted ones'.

Tiax gossips, 'Didn't intend to have my coming out yet though..'.

Tiax gossips, 'On my peanut lovery..'.

Apollyon gossips (in elven), 'snicker'.

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