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Cordir: a thief quest
Mon Oct 28 17:27:00 2002
To: All You Sneaky Types

Thieves, thou who hear every whisper and know every secret, this
quest is for you. Your challenge is this... to send in your
most interesting overheard tidbit. The item may not have been
published on any TFC website or used in any prior info contest
(Quotables, Jah's contest, etc.) It can be funny, ironic, or
otherwise notable in some fashion. Foulness will not be allowed...
unless it's REALLY funny, humor defined in the eyes of the judges.

You have one week, as of the posting of this note, to send in
items to Cordir (at) . There will be a three
person panel to judge the contest. The winner will be announced
the following day after contest conclusion. And yes... there is
a prize, provided by the gracious Lord Khore.

... and I look forward to hearing what you hear.


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