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Tamar: The Sable Dragon
Sun Jul 28 19:42:07 2002
To: All

As many of you know, the realm was recently invaded by hundreds of dragons
sent by the sable dragon to seek revenge for the disturbance of its hoard.
These dragons have been valiantly defeated, however, the sable itself is
still at large. I am restraining it at the moment somewhere where it
can do no harm. It has already tasted the blood of several mortals,
but a strong, well-planned and prepared group of challengers are welcome
to rid the realm of this menace. Those who wish to kill the dragon should
contact me either on the mud or at to arrange a date
and time to fight it. If your group is ready to fight it when I am online
that is fine as well.

I have taken a careful look at the sable, and am sharing it below for those
that are curious:

A sable dragon roars as it attacks!

Huge jaws part as a sheet of flame leaps towards you! Run! While you
still can!
A sable dragon is in perfect health.
A sable dragon is using:
worn on finger    (Moderate magic) a glittering ruby ring
worn on finger    (Moderate magic) a brilliant emerald ring
worn on legs      (Moderate magic) a pair of sable dragonscale leggings
worn on feet      (Moderate magic) a set of claw sheathes
worn about body   (Moderate magic) a cloak of sable dragon scales
wielded           a sable dragon's claw

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