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Tynian: TFC's move
Fri May 31 13:48:17 2002
To: all
TFC will move to a machine within my own network, at least for a time.
Since Friday and Saturday are TFC's two least busy days, I want to move
things over by Saturday.

Once I am ready to move the TFC files, I will put a message on the opening
screen at '', indicating that TFC is down for the move.
At that point, only god+ player files will be available, although you'll
have the ability to start a new character THAT WILL NOT BE TRANSFERRED.
This is to help insure that key data files are not left in an inconsistant

There are several changes that will have to be made on the new site before
it can be brought up. The new site will be available at
'', once the many necessary changes have been made.
This could take several hours.

The web site will be migrated once TFC has made the move.

Thank you for your patience during this exciting time.


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