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Tamar: Last Night's Vision (long)
Sun Apr 28 10:47:42 2002
To: All Dreamwalkers

As often happens, late last night I sat gazing into the reflecting pool in
my refuge, meditating. I must have slipped unnoticed into sleep, for
suddenly I found myself shaking violently. The waters of the reflecting
pool roiled and rose up around me. Huge thunderclouds in hues of every color
formed quickly from the waters. At once, the sky turned a sickly greenish-
brown, that same horrible false twilight that comes just before a tornado
reaches down from the sky to ravish the plains below. My refuge had
completely vanished. I waited uncertainly, looking slowly about at the
changing scene around me.

A loud noise assailed my ears, and a flash of light temporarily blinded me.
I looked up and saw the Dreammaster standing before me:

The Dreammaster himself has decided to end your intrusion once and for all.

The Dreammaster tells you, 'Goddess of Serenity?'.
The Dreammaster tells you, 'Mistress of Dreams, eh?'.
The Dreammaster tells you, 'I don't believe it'.

The Dreammaster's acid blast *** ANNIHILATES *** you!
That really did HURT!
You sure are BLEEDING!

Pain everywhere. Blood flowed from my body in a torrent of brilliant red,
staining the ground around me. The Dreammaster gave me a vial, and said,
'Here, fill this quickly with your blood, lest it all be absorbed by
nature around you.'. To do this, he gave me a sieve.

The scene changed again, the way dreams do, and this time I saw in the
distance the Grand Master of Time.

From a great distance, he uttered the words, 'heal', and I felt the slightest
bit improved, but he cautioned me that time alone does *not* heal all wounds.

Then another sharp pain, and I awoke, tasting blood. I had bitten my lip
in my sleep. This dream and its possible meanings have weighed heavily upon me.
It is imperative that all Dreamwalkers read my interpretations of it on
our board notes.

Tamar, Goddess of Serenity,
Mistress of Dreams

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