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Sylarn: Neodis and Rubicant

Sun Oct 13 09:53:02 2002
To: all

Today I was going to trade with Neodis. The deal was to give him half of what I owed then he'd give me the item and I'd give the rest. After my giving the first part he decided to not follow through with the deal and not return what I gave him. Afterwards coven came up with another deal, I was to fight Rubicant twice and then the item would be returned to me. So I asked Neodis to give the Health to Rubicant which he did. I then carried out my part again fighting him twice. However, Rubicant decided to keep it anyway.

Apparently this is Neodis's first dishonest trade. As for Rubicant I personally trusted him but don't know of his usual dealings.

This is just information to anyone who might find it useful. I will not reply to anyone who writes any notes or such defending their point. I'm not trying to win anything, just give a heads up.

Neodis: Sylarns deal
Sun Oct 13 10:23:04 2002
To: all

To start, I'd like to point out that I'm not getting into a fight here. I just wanted to have my say as Sylarn had his say. :)

To start, yes, this is my very first dishonest deal ever. Sylarn is OM of a hexed following after all. He wanted something, so did I, I just didn't have what he wanted. So we made a deal and he gave me the item on the word of Azeworai that I was honest.

Now, feeling guilty I decided that I should return the object, but as he's hexed I couldn't just hand it over. We worked out that it would be appropriate if Sylarn battled Rubicant twice for it. At Sylarns insistance I gave the item to Rubicant for safe keeping.

At this point I leave the situation. I have fufilled the requirements of repentance as agreed upon and my mind is clear of any further guilt.

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