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Tynian: Status
Sun Jun 2 22:56:32 2002
To: all
A complete backup has been made. It has not be transferred to the new
home, yet.

The "live" TFC files have been moved out of the way, so I have a backwards
path of retreat, in case there is something wrong with the backup, or
tragedy strikes on the new system.

Brought a 'clean' version of the game up at, and am
allowing logins.

Still restructuring target system to handle the game.

I have started the transfer of the full TFC backup. ETA to transfer the
full backup is approximately 45 minutes. The transfer was delayed while I
created a place large enough to accommodate it.

The full backup has transferred. I can't do anything with it until the
system disk restructuring is completed.

17:18-Transferring the regular full back up and the web site backup.

17:30-Transfer of the other backup logs is complete. Cannot proceed
further until system reorganization completes.

18:02-Unable to tar the contents from one partition to another partition.
May be a corrupted partition. Investigating further.

18:31-The partition checks out okay. Attempting the copy via another
method. It's going to be a long evening...

21:05-Still dealing with system organization issues, knowing that they
will be much more difficult to straighten out once the site goes live.
Unfortunately, some problems have arisen. It doesn't look like we'll be
up until tomorrow sometime, since there are several things left to do.

23:37-Finished re-organizing the system filesystems.

23:50-TFC files restored from backup.

23:55-Adjusting development environment to use new TFC location.

00:40-Made changes to development and TFC runtime environment. Game
started successfully.

Tomorrow-Convert player registration to database. Convert individual PK
statistics to database. Verify game operation. Misc. clean-up. Finish
up network configuration. Open game. Move web site. Clean up development
environment. And, anything else I'm not thinking of at this late hour.


08:54-Startup script written for database backend.

09:01-Player registration loaded to database.

09:15-Individual PK statistics moved to database.

11:57-There is a problem with outside addresses being able to connect. A
connection is established, but then hangs. Investigating further.

12:52-I'm taking a break.

13:39-Ah, geez. I just spent the last few hours trying to figure out a
network issue that appeared to be caused by some changes that I had made
over the past couple of days. The data equipment was apparently confused
. Powering it off and back on "fixed" the problem. I sure hope this is
not a sign of things to come.

13:44-Connectivity testing is successful, which means we're close. Now
to go back and work on those network settings again.

15:23-Making progress on network settings. Since Blacky is leveling so
fast, we'll wait to cut over until the first person reaches 30/30/30.

16:20-The maintenance scripts check out okay.

16:40-Created system startup script for TFC. Tested by bringing server
down and back up. Both it and the database startup script confirmed

17:03-Reactivated maintenance scripts. Checked in version 3.98. Note
that this version MAY NOT BE COMPLETELY STABLE, due to the timing of
the site change.

17:09-Remove web URL from greeting screen (for now), and remove reference
to GlobalCenter sponsorship.

17:13-Clone database for live port. Verify correct operation on live
port. Ponder whether there is anything that I'm forgetting, prior to
allowing access to the new server.

17:52-True to my warning, version 3.98 on the live port is unstable. I
am investigating the cause of the instability.

18:15-Invited the players that were online to visit
' 4000'. Corrected an outstanding crash-severity
bug. I will change the '' DNS entry in a while.
Please use caution on the live port. Version 3.98 has not been tested
as much as I would like.

18:26-The new site has been brought down. I must leave for a while,
and I don't _quite_ feel comfortable leaving it unattended yet. I should
be around by 21:00 MST tonight to bring things back up, and check some
more things out.

22:47-The new site is up again at port 4000.
'' will point to this address also.

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