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Those Wonderful, Wacky Spell Scores...

Provided by Oook, Wandering Troubledor of Fate, for those who wonder what Tynian did with all those song titles.

- Shiny happy acid blast
- Twinkle twinkle little call lightning
- A control weather without rain
- Do you believe in create food
- A cure critical in the dark
- No one needs to curse
- Sometimes darkness just ain't enough
- Only the good teleport young
- Dirty deeds done with dispel good
- Naughty girls need exclude too
- Affair of the fireball
- If you want to teleport her, ask
- Gnomish will keep us alive
- Justify my identify
- Improved invis in low places
- Jump with a view
- Tired of singing locate object
- Upon an oaken magic missile
- Sometimes meteor swarm just ain't enough
- Red rubber peek
- Hallways of enchanted sanity
- Sanctuary to a friend
- Soul sense a gigalo
- Stray summon strut
- Man I feel like a third attack
- What vampiric touch does she have
- Let's talk about charm person
- Bring on the cure disease
- 50 ways to cure light your lover
- Kiss me, kiss me, earthquake me
- She's in love with the weasel totem

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